It all started with a dream

For 7 years I waited for this building to become available, so I could start building my dreams. At one stage I gave up as the previous business had a long lease agreement in place, but then one day I received the call that would change my life…

This is the photo of where it all started and I cant help but to feel grateful and proud when I look at Beans now, we have come a long way and man what a journey it’s been!

Our story

Hi I’m Lynette, the owner of Beans with Wings. When I started this business my plan was never to have a restaurant, as I knew absolutely nothing about this industry, infact I hardly ever cook for my family…they always joke about eating woolworths meals and call it my “home cooked meals” true story.

I’m a self-taught graphic designer and photographer. My creative nature arrived at a young age, as did my independence and preference for thinking outside of the box. Needless to say, it wasn’t that big of a surprise that I ended up in the world of design, saying “no thanks” to the traditional route and starting a business of my own.  In 2011 Words with Wings was established and I haven’t looked back, I live out my creativity from making party decor for any special occasion, website design to personalized gifts. Beans with Wings was established in 2017, and initialy I just wanted a venue where I could host birthday parties, baby showers and small weddings….well that quickly changed and here we are today as a fully licensed Restaurant.

There was many tears and in the begining I often doubted if it was the right decision, as the servce industry is a very unforgiving industry. “You put your heart and soul into something that you’re passionate about out there for people, exposing yourself, and people don’t realize there’s a human being behind it. I believe that most people who are in the hospitality industry are empaths who want to make people feel special and cared for.

 I soon realized that in order to live my passion I need to be athentic and that I can’t cry about every bad review, as much as I would love to keep everyone happy. Using “the customer is always right” in your daily business practices works under the assumption that you can satisfy every customer 24/7 People are unique. We all have different tastes in fashion, food, cars, homes, etc., and if you attempt to satisfy every customer’s needs, you will forget your target audience and your product will lack authenticity.

 Beans with Wings is a people-first business that prioritizes kindness, empathy, and inclusion. The relationships we’ve built with our customers, coworkers, and community are what inspire us to do our best work The heart of our business is our employees, and I consider them all as part of my family. We are only as great as the people who choose to work with us.

The Beans family

bonny - manager

My partner in crime, Bonny….she can multitask and do 100 things all at once….with the biggest smile!
She knows all our regulars by name and can tell you exactly what they eat or drink without having to ask! I am so blessed to have my incredible staff as part of our Beans family.
On a side note, may her memory never fails us as my memory is like a gold fish…I won’t remember you, even if we met 10 minutes ago…we all have our strengths and our weaknesses and we need each other in order to be our best self.

nancy - chef

My Nancy…she started with me as a cleaner when we opened Beans 4 years ago, at that stage I did not know if I could afford to keep her fulltime but she just became the YIN to my YANG and so she stayed.
She went from being my casual cleaner to my full time Cheff, I could give her any recipe and she would turn it into the BEST meal as her secret ingredient is love.
You might not ever see her when visiting Beans but without her Beans would not be the same and my life would be empty.

melissa - barista

My coffee Queen, Melissa! She started with me as a casual, assisting in the kitchen over weekends…she just fitted in from day one. I wanted her to be part of our team on a permanent basis but we did not have the capacity to take her on in the kitchen.
When the opportunity came for me to send her on a barista course, I grabbed it with both hands and she aced it!
She makes the BEST coffee in the world and is my anytime, anywhere allrounder. 

carley - my rescued dane

We got Carley from Greatdane Rescue 4 years ago. She was about 2 years old and on antidepressants as she was abused and lost her trust in humans.

I always joke and say, she imprinted on me, we are joined by the hip, toilet brakes are now shared with someone who stares at me.

You will always find her at Beans, loving every minute of all the attention that she gets.

linkin - my pride and joy

Linkin is our only child. Beans is basically his second home, over weekends when we both need to be at the Restaurant, he keeps himself busy by playing with the other kids or helping out where he can.

He never complains and accept that this is our second home – he remind me of the goodness in this world, and inspire me to be the greatest version of myself.

my love of my life

Without him I would never be able to live my dream. He supports me 100% in everything that I do and is my biggest chearleader. 

He is a fulltime pharmacist but over weekends (his off days) he sacrifice his time to help us at Beans. He works in the kitchen, he does all the maintenance…he does whatever needs to be done.

Saying “I love you” is one thing…living “I love you” is a whole different thing. I’m grateful that I get to share the good and the bad with this incredible human every day.

"our circle is small but the love is enormous"